Meet the Dolphin Neurostim™

A Gentle, Easy to Use Tool for Treating Yourself and Your Family

The Dolphin Neurostim™ is a hybrid modality that applies concentrated, low frequency, microcurrent stimulation (at 10K ohms) to a special combinations of key acupuncture, motor, and trigger points for the treatment of pain and the release of scar tissue and adhesions. The Dolphin provides a convenient, portable and uniquely powerful approach to pain management.

The Dolphin Neurostim™ is engineered to detect and stimulate therapeutically active points with great scientific precision. This unique approach for the relief of pain and scar tissue and adhesions has been developed with input from healthcare professionals and has been thoroughly tested for over 30 years.

As an Occupational therapist, I have not only used this device for the treatment of chronic pain but also for the management of sensory symptoms. Excitingly, the Dolphin Neurostim has been cleared by the FDA for over-the-counter purchase! A simple, natural, and effective approach for change when and where you need it!

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Dolphin Neurostim Instructions for Use

You will Learn:

  • All of the functions of the Dolphin Neurostim
  • How to hold and apply your Dolphin Neurostim
  • Locating a treatment point
  • Cleaning the device
  • Testing the battery
  • Using the extension probe

Device Features

  1. Metal Tip
    The metal tip is roughly the same size as the tip of a ballpoint pen, and is rounded at the tip for a gentle application. When you treat yourself with the Dolphin Neurostim, press the metal tip gently against your skin to administer the microcurrent into your soft tissue.
  2. Treatment Button
    When the treatment button is pressed, it emits the flow of DC microcurrent from the unit and through the metal tip.
  3. On/Off Switch and Intensity Dial
    This feature serves dual purposes. First, the dial turns the unit off and on (indicated by the unit emitting a high pitched tone). Second, it increases or decreases the intensity of the microcurrent stimulation. For example: if you wanted to increase the intensity, you would scroll up (or forward), and if you wanted to decrease it, you would scroll down (or backward). Stimulation is largely a matter of personal comfort, but we recommend that you start low and increase as needed.
  4. Battery Test Button
    The battery test button lets you know if your unit’s batter is working properly, or needs to be replaced. With unit on, press down on this button to get an indication of the battery strength. If the light does not illuminate brightly, then that means you need to replace the battery.
  5. Indicator Light
    This light is activated when the Dolphin Neurostim™ unit is switched on and is used to indicate when you have found a treatment point. When you’re using the unit and the light flickers off, that means that a point has been located.
  6. Ground Plate
    The Dolphin Neurostim™ produces electrical current and therefore, human skin must be touching ground plate, during point location and stimulation. The Dolphin Neurostim™ is designed to be held like a pen with thumb firmly placed on ground plate and index/middle finger wrapped around and gripping top of unit.
  7. Sensitivity Dial
    The Sensitivity Dial assists in accurate point location. The Dolphin Neurostim™ locates trigger points by measuring changes in skin resistance, which is influenced by moisture. Normal skin should have the dial pointing upwards between 3-4 (12 o’clock).
  8. Polarity Switch (Tonify (+), Disperse (-), Biphasic (+/-))
    The polarity switch is found at the bottom/back of unit. Negative (-) is like applying an ice pack, positive (+) is like applying a heat pack. The default setting is negative for most treatment points. Biphasic (+/-) is used for balancing the nervous system.
  9. Battery Compartment
    The Dolphin Neurostim™ is optimally powered by Duracell 9V.

Electrical Specifications

  1. Power Source: 9 Volt Battery
  2. Wave Formation: Square Direct Current (DC wave)
  3. Voltage Output: 7 – 9 Volts
  4. Current Output: 50 – 800 microamps (depending on resistance)
    (amplitude is inversely proportional to skin resistance V = I x R )

During stimulation phase, parameters are: 0 to 8V with a frequency of 2.5Hz (± 10%). Pulses in this mode also vary with the intensity setting. When set at maximum intensity the current is 60 microamps for 100 kilohms and 400 microamps for 10 kilohms.

A Note on Current: Dolphin strength is inversely proportional to skin resistance encountered on patient, and intensity will naturally vary depending on skin resistance of the patients’ Acupuncture or Trigger points. The lower the resistance of the active treatment point, the stronger the stimulation or current felt by the patient. Tenderness of the points will vary with severity of the condition. The more severe the condition, the more tender the point.

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Dolphin Neurostim FAQ

The battery-operated Dolphin Neurostim works by sending an electrical impulse to locate, then stimulate both the nerve and acupuncture points connected to a disorder. When properly stimulated, these points relax muscles, improve circulation, and trigger the release of beta-endorphins – the body’s own painkillers. Because of its ability to activate the body’s natural healing and pain relieving response, our units have become a preferred alternative to pharmaceuticals.
Nerve or Trigger/Motor points are tiny, tight bundles of nerve endings located throughout our muscles. They become tender when a muscle or a related muscle is injured. These points on the skin display a lowered electrical resistance than the surrounding tissue, and can be precisely identified and stimulated with the Dolphin Neurostim. Traditional acupuncture points lie within a system of bio-energetic pathways called meridians. While these points are connected to our internal organs and body tissues, they’re often located in areas with no anatomical relationship to the injury. Acupuncture points will also manifest the same electrical characteristics that our units are designed to detect with great accuracy. As many of these acupuncture points are nerve points, and vice versa, the most successful results follow treatment which combines acupuncture and trigger point therapies. This combination produces a synergistic pain relief that goes beyond conventional treatment.
With the Dolphin Neurostim, there’s no need to suffer until the next therapy treatment. Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of our palm-sized unit is that it’s non- invasive, or needle-free, which makes it very easy to apply. It relies instead on electronic impulses to reproduce the physiological results of traditional acupuncture. This means that the Dolphin Neurostim can be successfully applied by both novices and professionals – whenever and wherever pain strikes. Every unit comes with a concise and easy-to-digest treatment manual. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll learn to locate and stimulate the correct points for fast, effective results.
The manual that accompanies the Dolphin Neurostim will become your treatment bible. It will guide you to the appropriate stimulation points for over 100 different pain disorders. As for the actual application, it couldn’t be easier. Place the unit’s Point Finder (PF) on the skin – either directly or through a loosely knit fabric. When the PF is near one of the points (within 0.5 mm), the built-in detector will emit a high-pitched tone. Once the PF has found the exact point, the green indicator light located on the back of the unit will turn off, and the tone will increase in pitch. Fast-acting relief begins by pushing and holding down the treatment button. During treatment, when the Dolphin Neurostim locates and stimulates the right point, it will produce a strong, tingling sensation known as “De Chi.” Hypersensitive points will feel “hot” or “needle-like.” Ride the sensation by taking long, deep breaths; it will soon ease into warm wave of relief and well being.
All points within sight are easily treated with our hand-held units. For those harder-to- reach areas, just attach the optional extension probe to the Dolphin Neurostim. You’ll have no problem stimulating points on your own back and neck.
We think you’ll find that both our self-help unit and our systematic approach to pain management are extremely user-friendly. To shorten your learning curve, we include an easy-to-follow treatment manual with every Dolphin Neurostim. Additionally, we provide the best toll-free support line in the industry.
The Dolphin Neurostim is battery-operated and very safe – so safe you can use it on children to help them sleep, or the elderly to relieve their chronic pain. Please Note: Patients who are pregnant, epileptic or fitted with cardiac pace makers, should NOT use the Dolphin Neurostim. For further information, please contact us.
The majority of our patients, therapists and doctors have reported 50-75% relief within one or two treatments. Properly applied, almost every patient will respond favourably within 2-3 applications!
In many cases, this powerful unit can provide instant symptomatic pain relief within minutes of the first treatment. Chronic conditions may require daily treatment for 1-2 weeks before significant progress is noted.
The relief from pain can last anywhere from just a few hours to a few days. The average response is 24-72 hours, with results building with each successive treatment.
Whether you are relieving tenderness, tightness or pain, scar tissue or adhesion pain or discomfort, or simply re-energizing and bringing the body back into balance, the Dolphin Neurostim will provide quick and effective results. Remember it is always important that you have an accurate diagnosis of your conditions by a Medical Doctor or therapist before you begin treatment with the Dolphin Neurostim unit.
Like exercise or massage, treatment with the Dolphin Neurostim releases the bio-chemicals responsible for that warm, euphoric feeling known as “runner’s high.” Some patients also experience mild stiffness, which is a positive signal that the muscles are realigning, and the body is being brought back into balance.
Yes, with certain conditions, you can overdo it. For instance, there are certain therapies which will advise against treating over 20pts on the first application. To ensure the highest rate of safety and success, always consult the accompanying treatment protocol manual, or call our toll-free support line. The amount or length of a treatment depends on the severity of the condition.
Practitioners all over the world are discovering the benefits of the Dolphin Neurostim unit’s pain relieving abilities. Our unit is helping thousands of patients in hospitals, chiropractor offices, and pain and physiotherapy clinics. For a more comprehensive range of response from the medical industry, take a look at our testimonials page.
The Dolphin Neurostim is classified as a “modified” T.E.N.S., which means it can offer a range of benefits not possible with conventional T.E.N.S. equipment. As the differences between conventional and modified T.E.N.S. are too lengthy to answer in a few lines, we’ve developed an effectiveness comparison chart.