Sensory Balancing Therapy

An innovative, integrative therapy for children with sensory imbalances

Sensory Balancing Therapy uses a new technique that combines the principles of acupuncture, electro-therapy and occupational therapy and is successfully helping many patients with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Cerebral Palsy. Sensory Connections will integrate your child’s skeletal, nervous, muscular, emotional and energetic systems in their specialized treatment program. The results that are seen using this integrative treatment model far exceeds the depth and breadth of traditional occupational therapy programs. Outcome improvements can be witnessed as quickly as after the first session.

Improved behaviors include: following familiar routines easily, less tantrums, calmer, able to focus on tasks, giving affection, interest in others and the environment, pretend play, etc. Changes that have been reported are measurable over time as well as priceless moments in the life of the child and family.

Kelly Armstrong, OTR/L, MPP

Founder of Sensory Balancing Therapy

Kelly Armstrong OTR/L, MPP, is a pain management specialist, an advocate for integrative health and healing and a practicing Occupational Therapist for the past 20 years. Her expertise is attained from her vast clinical experience and world-wide education. Graduating with honors, she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Therapy and a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Psychology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

“I have been a therapist for 20 years. My specialty for most of my career has been pediatrics. I am certified in Sensory Integration, in testing and treatment processes. I helped to develop the MPS Therapy Pediatric protocols. I am a Master Pain Practitioner in MPS Therapy and Advanced level instructor.

MPS applies brief, concentrated DC microcurrent impulses to special treatment points that gently relax muscles, calm the nervous system and release endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers.  

As a pediatric therapist for children who were on that sensory spectrum somewhere, I understood that my goal as the therapist was to deregulate the sympathetic nervous system, or to bring down the fight or flight stage to where the child could engage in the world and work around them.”

“Within 2 weeks of beginning the parasympathetic points, she was following daily routines with no fussing!”
Anonymous, Parent
“Thank you for treating Max this past Thursday. I want to let you both know that he is doing GREAT! He was talking today so much and he is happier and calmer.”
Mihaela, Parent
“We just had a family dinner after church, in a restaurant, for the first time in 5 years!”
Anonymous, Parent